Baltimore’s #1 Bowling Alley Show and Dance Band. They also love chicken nachos….Meet, The Stents


Lets do this a little different this time around. If you want to know why I think The Stents ROCK just watch this off the wall fun video….

In just one song you get it all, The Stents are having a blast putting out some kick ass records. And in case you were wondering, yes they are also from Hidden Volume Records. I’ve had this conversation many times over the years with younger friends it goes something like this…. when you have a band that has been around for a few years or maybe it’s a bunch of new friends getting together after being in other Bands for a few decades and this new Band is just out there having fun, that’s what all the hard work is about. To me it’s more authentic , and it shows that the reason you stick around is because this is what you love to do. and that love of the music shines through the test of time. Remember what Bukowski said..” What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire .” When you listen to Bands like The Stents that’s what your listening to….Guys who have walked through the fire and have come out dancing on the other side…

Meet The Stents

Hi our name is….
The Stents

We are…
Steve “Huggy Bear” Branson: Lead Guitar
Pat “PBiddy” Brown: Rhythm Guitar
Bonanza D. “BoJo” Jones: Drums
Scott “Gooch” Sugiuchi: Bass

We are originally from…..
Chicago, IL
Bridgeport, CT
Baltimore, MD
Orlando, FL

And our sound might be best described as….

BONANZA: Oil change garage rock

PAT: A sublime amalgam of garage, surf and power pop: picture yourself surfing in your garage with a recently shaken carbonated beverage.

STEVE: And our sound might be best described as…. The Jam, The Buzzcocks, The Ramones, and Link Wray walk into a bar…

Who are some that have an influence on your sound??

SCOTT: From a bass perspective….hahaha! Who wants to hear that?? Medway sounds (Billy Childish, Graham Day, etc),The Plimsouls, Fleshtones, early R.E.M., (sounds like I’m reading the IRS Records roster…), stuff on Bomp, The Cynics and more instrumental bands than I can think of right now.

PAT: The Who and The Jam.

The first time we met was…..

PAT: In church. And that is not sarcasm.

STEVE: The first time we met was…On the set of the movie “Predator”. We were the guys on Arnold’s team. Little did we know what our mission was going to lead to…

SCOTT: Pat and my kids went to pre-school at this church with Bojo’s niece. Steve’s family was next door neighbors to another kid in their class. Somehow we all got together and by chance had similar taste in music and a mutual hatred of Dave Matthews. Not that that last part is hard to fathom.

We knew we were going to be a Band when….

STEVE: Scott told us we were going to be in a band.

PAT: We first heard BoJo pound the skins with his signature reckless abandon. Finding a suitable drummer was, shall we say, “challenging”.

SCOTT: I agree with Pat. We were jamming on The Cave Dogs’ “Tayter Country” while waiting for Bojo to show up for our first practice and he just walked in and started playing it perfectly. I also agree with Steve.

Before starting the band we were employed as…….

PAT: Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. No, not really. Social worker, artist, doctor, writer.

Our craziest gig ever….

STEVE: is classified!

BOJO: …is yet to come!

PAT: The one where a Ken Burns/PBS documentary film crew showed up and filmed us. And that’s not sarcasm.

SCOTT: There was the time Pat’s brother exploded an entire bag of greasy potato chips all over us at a club. Pat had chip debris stuck in his SG for months. We also had a show where Steve hit me (by accident?) full force in the face with his headstock and I bled like a stuck pig. We also broke someone’s cell phone jumping on a table in Philly. Maybe not crazy as much as “destructive”…

The first song we wrote was…….

STEVE: One If By Land

It’s about……
PAT: It is a militaristic romp that foretold our fascination with the middle ground between garage and power pop.

STEVE: The time in Scott’s life when he was playing too many war video games.

SCOTT: Conflict resolution. You can also sing the entirety of Johnny Horton’s “Battle of New Orleans” to its tune. I’ve done it!

What tunes are you currently jamming to…

BOJO: Lawrence Welk, Pat Boone and Bach

PAT: Everything put out by Hidden Volume Records, and everything put out by the bands we are lucky enough to play with.

SCOTT: Anything by Paul Messis, “The Good Is Gone” and “La La La Lies” by The Who, “Trick Bag” The Artesians, “Leaving Me” Royal Guardsmen, “It’s a Cry’n Shame” The Gentlemen and what Pat said!

For fun we like to….

PAT: Say things that make BoJo uncomfortable. This is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

BOJO: Take embarrassing photos of each other and buy stupid shit at rest stops.

What are some of the 1st songs you remember listening to that made you say, that’s what I want to do….

SCOTT: “I Hear Every Word” by The Green Today (teenage garage band from Orlando), the entire “My Generation” album.

PAT: Every song on the Neil Young Rust Never Sleeps soundtrack. I remember seeing the movie at a theater called The Balcony in Huntington on Long Island. I was 11. I was blown away and immediately got serious about being in a band.

When your touring and have some time off, where could we find you….

SCOTT: Designing stuff, running a record label, listening to my kids tell me that I like Old Man Music. Of course, they also think that The Stents, The Woggles and Dead Boys all sound the same which I’ll take as a step in the right direction.

PAT: Searching for the perfect sandwich. Fortunately, I haven’t found it yet.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us….

BOJO: That we always sound better live.

STEVE: It’s not easy to move around like this at our age!

PAT: That we are desperate for your approval.

SCOTT: The Rolling Stones are older. And richer.

and now it’s time for some music

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for more awesome bands and to pick you up some of the coolest 45’s on the planet …..

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