Record of the Day: AUTOGRAMM – Jessica 7″ Single

Is there a new wave of new wave? Let’s hope so, because this new Autogramm single is killer!

If your love of new wave is the combination of power pop injected with synths, bands like The Cars, 20/20, The Motors, and the like, then Vancouver’s Autogramm hits a home run here.

No strangers to making music, the members of Autogramm have been in bands such as Dysnea Boys, Black Mountain, Hard Drugs, The Spitfires, Blood Meridian to name a few. The band drop a brand new 7″ single out on Snappy Little Numbers.

Two great songs to put on your next mixed tape alongside Patsy’s Rats and First Base. We are eagerly awaiting more.

Jiffy Marx: Vocals, Synth, Guitar
C.C. Voltage: Bass, Vocals
The Silo: Drums, Vocals, Production


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