Australia Rocks – Seven From Down Under

We’ve covered quite a lot of awesome music from Australia here – from Rice Is Nice Records, The Dunes, to Royal Chant and Them Bruins, there’s a pretty great scene going on down under.

I was intrigued and decided to check out the site Triple J – Unearthed – a division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and purveyors of Australian music.
After a couple of hours clicking and listening – I thought I’d share some of the tracks that stood out for me. Who knows, maybe there will be a few ‘Meet the Bands’ in the future!


Polish Club – Garage soul duo from Sydney.

Polish Club – Facebook

Foam – grungy, Nirvana-like punks from Perth.

FOAM – Facebook

Bad//Dreems – Cracker flavoured Power Pop from Adelaide.

Bad//Dreems – Facebook

Step-Panther – summer soaked garage pop from Sydney.

Step-Panther – Facebook

The Fabergettes – trashy, 60s doo-wop pop from Sydney.

The Fabergettes – Facebook

Little Odessa – If Elvis Costello and Marshall Crenshaw had a baby in Brisbane.

Little Odessa – Facebook

WAAX – snarling and nasty (but catchy) punk rock and they played with Guitarwolf – that’s all you need to know. From Brisbane.

WAAX – Facebook

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