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I’m not exactly what you’d call a Hip-Hop aficionado. There are quite a few Hip-Hop artists I’ve enjoyed over the years and pretty good amount of albums I’d consider all-timers. A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, and even Kanye West (to a degree) come to mind. But one thing all those artists have in common is their knack for being an alternative. While carving out a name for themselves in a congested market, they released timeless music. It’s that alternative aspect that appeals to me the most with indie Hip-Hop and Pink, the new album by Audley is no exception.

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Despite refusing to subscribe to a single genre, I try not to critique albums from genres I don’t listen to on the regular. However, most of my articles here at 50Thirdand3rd are merely suggestions and not reviews.

When Soul Step Records contacted me with a stream of Pink, I knew not to be apprehensive. I’ve covered many released from that particular label and some of my favorites are of genres I usually don’t listen to. Oddly enough, it’s Soul Step’s first Hip-Hop album as well as my first Hip-Hop related article at 50Thirdand3rd! With those elements coming together, I couldn’t pass it up!

The first thing that drew me into Pink was the atmosphere. I had never heard of Audley before so I really didn’t know what to expect but I was under the assumption Pink was going to be a straight-up rap album. It isn’t. While there are thick basslines, synths, and air-tight verses from the Cincinnati native, the vibes are mostly chill and almost down-tempo.

Audley combines elements of Jazz, R&B, soul, and hints of Trip-Hop making Pink one of the smoothest indie Hip-Hop albums of 2018.

One of the most interesting things about Audley is how he doesn’t overstep boundaries by reinventing music being offered in the mainstream. His music comes from a variety of influences (from Justin Timberlake to Lupe Fiasco, by the sounds of it) but his lyrics are true to what’s on his mind. There’s no aggression and very little tension throughout the tracklisting. Instead, Pink’s lyrical content is generally about cruising the streets, spending time with a loved one, and even video games! In fact “Game Over” with it’s Super Mario Wolrd samples, is easily my favorite track on the album!

Coming from a background of folk and pop, Soul Step Records took a gamble on a full-on Hip-Hop album and it paid off. Audley is an interesting alternative to just about anything on mainstream radio in terms of R&B or Rap. There’s plenty of chill vibes, smooth jams, and groove-based fun to be had while listening to Pink. If this album is any indicator, Audley is going to have a very prosperous career and Soul Step’s vinyl release is just the very sweet beginning.

To order Pink on limited edition vinyl, please visit Soul Step Records

For more info on Audley, please visit him on Facebook


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