Arthur Lee and Love

Love - Forever Changes

One of many bands/singers who deserve more recognition..

Love were a group from LA, they created music together from the mid to late 1960s to the early 1970s and during this time they were led by singer/songwriter/musician Arthur Lee. Love were one of the first racially diverse American pop bands and their tunes combined elements of garage rock, folk and psychedelia.

The band only had a few relatively minor chart successes when they were together, but would later be recognised by critics and music fans alike as one of the most important American groups of their era. Their third album ‘Forever Changes’ is generally regarded as their masterpiece.

You can find more information about Arthur Lee and Love here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Lee_(musician)

Here’s a few treats for your ears, a small taster of the unique sound of ‘Love’:

Love – My Little Red Book

Love – Seven & Seven Is..

Love – Alone Again Or

In 1970, Arthur Lee invited Jimi Hendrix to collaborate with him in the studio and together, with a little help from their friends, they re-recorded “The Everlasting First”, which came out in December of 1970 as part of Love’s False Start album. A jam session from this time in the studio was also recorded. These jam sessions have now been released as ‘The Blue Thumb Acetate’. Which sounds like this:

Love – The Everlasting First

When Love split, Arthur Lee released his first solo album, Vindicator, in 1972. Although, imo, not quite as good as the stuff he did with Love, the album does contain this gem:

Arthur Lee – Everybody’s Gotta Live

Hope you enjoyed this Love mish-mash. 🙂

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