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About ‘Hanging Tree’
The sorry tale of a young intellectual who, despite his rationalism, loses his mind over unrequited love, ‘Hanging Tree’ conforms to Adam & Elvis’s tragi-comic inclinations. Sonically, however, the song is all vivacious alt-pop, charging along a crookedly mellifluous path as the Malone brothers’ vocals veer from moody baritone to full-throttle tenor. Sawtoothed guitars sear and the rhythm section thunders while ‘Hanging Tree’ revolves around its Grandaddy-meets-Pixies chorus that provides a soaring indie-disco chant-along belying the morbid moral.
The stylish video (shot by Balla Kingston, Craig Rogers and Antonio Pineda) captures the band in ebullient mood at UK Live Sound studios in Reading, where ‘Hanging Tree’ was produced.

About Adam & Elvis
Bonded not only by blood but a taste for finding humour in the macabre, Patrick and Tom Malone are brothers whose sibling intuition extends to a penchant for songs as melodic as they are bizarre. Cut-throat guitars, dirty basslines and contorted synthesisers are their tools as the brothers pen hook-filled numbers with strange, poetic lyrics, often influenced by the stark realism in the wordplay of Patrick’s heroes Leonard Cohen and Charles Bukowski.
This thought-provoking, pull-no-punches prose is set to a musical backdrop of exhilarating wall-of-sound pop and primitive punk energy, unleashed by Patrick on guitar/vocals and Tom on bass/vocals respectively, with the aid of Juliet Styles (synths/saxophone), Steve Wraight (vocals/percussion) and Dan Robershaw (guitar). The Berkshire band have been championed by regional radio and performed their gripping live shows on the same bill as Fat White Family, The Zombies and The Correspondents, as well as numerous festivals across the south of England. Not before time, given the blistering impact of ‘Hanging Tree’, the wider world is about to get a feel for the Adam & Elvis oeuvre, culminating in a debut album release proposed for early 2017.

Meet – Adam & Elvis

For those unfamiliar with your music, can you give us a little of your back history?

As teenagers Tom and Patrick Malone started a band, as do a lot A lot of people when they are teenagers. Many of those bands then quit it when so called real life comes along. They get scared and panic. The fear creeps in. If they don’t become an accountant now they may never do it! If they are not on the property ladder straight away, they may as well hang themselves.

I think life has had the opposite effect on us. You go out into the big wide world and realise how truly awful everything actually is and you hang onto the band for dear life. It’s our escape. You get promoted at work and you feel nothing. You listen to people talking shit all day about their boring house, their boring car, their boring kids and then you go home put a record on and it means more to you than anything that has happened all day.

Musical influence:

The list is so massive but some stand outs would be Leonard Cohen, Grandaddy, The Cure, Talking Heads, The Fall, Pavement, Belle and Sebastian, Pixies, Modest mouse

Coolest thing that’s happened to you since starting:

We supported the 60s band ‘The Zombies’. That was very exciting. To play with a band I had always seen on documentaries in the past. They were bloody awful though.

Hopes and dreams as musicians for the next few years:

We really aim to produce an album a year. I love it when bands do that. Not every record will be a winner but you end up with those weird albums because that particular year strange ideas were forming because you watched too many conspiracy theory documentaries and all the booze has made you thick and then you write and record an album that is put out before the band realises “what the fuck were we thinking?”. A lot of those albums end up being my favorites. It’s also great to see bands develop.

Favourites albums from past few years:

A few of our favorite albums of the last few years have been Drowners debut, Fat White Family’s ‘Champagne Holocaust’, Adam Green’s Aladdin, Father John Misty’s second album, ‘I Love you Honeybear’. Both the Teleman records, Ezra Furman’s last few albums, Red Kite’s Song for Crow. Some of the old guard have released a few bangers too. I think Mccartney’s album ‘New’ was his best since the 70s and Cohen has been knocking out a decent one every 2 years for the last decade basically.

any real use for social media or is it just a pain in the ass to keep up with?

Social media is actually a fine idea. However humans are generally far too fucking stupid and boring to use it in an interesting way. Most people just announce what they are doing at that exact boring moment due to the fact they are bored and want something to do. When someone posts a picture of their iron accompanied by a status saying “time to do the ironing” I do die a little inside. That being said we are fully aware that we are a band in 2016 and this therefore means having to use social media. We use it to promote our gigs and releases and it is a good way of keeping in touch with new fans & friends. Soundcloud is great too. However I’ve read it is getting brought out by Spotify so not sure how that will pan out.

do you pay attention to reviews or comments from people about your music or do you just turn that noise off?

I love reading reviews of records, films and other arts so I do like it when we get reviews but I am only interested in a review that is written by someone who has genuinely listened to us. Even if it is a bad one where they dislike us for whatever reason. Maybe they quote a lyric they have an issue with or they hate Steve’s curly hair. I’d take that over the generic “ this young upcoming indie band which mix guitars and attitude”. That’s like a cut and paste jobby which could be put into any band profile or review. Just at least listen to the fucking band please.

Tour anywhere in the World?

Probably Berlin or Amsterdam. Steve went toam Amsterdam recently and said it was great. Lots of top galleries.

Can music save the mortal soul or is it just a good backbeat to your life?

One thing we can be sure of is that after life there is nothing; during life though, music is everything.

Any last thoughts for your fans?
Is it better to think you’re paranoid or know you should be?

Adam & Elvis:


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