ARCFIEND – ‘Mortified With Hate’ – 80s Metal Mayhem

Back in the 80s, Victoria, BC speed metal merchants Arcfiend played a number of now-legendary shows but unfortunately never released anything to the salivating masses.

Now more than 30 years later, archival label Supreme Echo brings us an extended EP of thrashing wickedness.

Started as a trio in 1985 with visionary guitar/vocalist Quin McCulloch, drummer Dave Wilson and bassist Norm Apro, Arcfiend like any band back in the day, played a mix of originals and covers before evolving into a quartet. The fuse was lit and they were ready to explode but after a few lineup changes, Lincoln McCulloch -drums, Kirk Mercer – bass/vocals, Doug Copley – drums, and Chris Stanley – guitar, the band broke up for good in 1990.

This four-track EP – ‘Mortified With Hate‘ is rawer than raw speed-doom death-trash. It is pounding and cement heavy with Balrog vocals but buzzsaw fast like a swarm of bees. This will certainly appeal to fans of Celtic Frost, early Venom and Kreator.

The release comes with a booklet featuring vintage artwork by Quin McCulloch and the late Chris Stanley, plus flyers, photographs, and their story. 500 copies. First 100 with an original sticker from 1988.

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