I started writing about how supremely talented Angie is way back during the run up to Gonerfest 11 back in September 2014. Now on her 3rd solo album Angie again displays her skills as a singer-songwriter for our enjoyment and listening pleasure . This is a beautiful album that is sure to add to an ever expanding fan base for Angie. The piano playing will drift you away to a nice sandy sunny day and it’ll warm your heart on the way.

One of Rice Is Nice Records most exciting musicians, whose guises include Circle Pit, Southern Comfort, Ruined Fortune and Straight Arrows and with 2 solo LP’s already under her belt, Angie is back with yet another brilliant record titled Shyness, set for release on March 24.
Although fixated on exploring and expanding the rock and roll genre in the 21st Century, Shyness is a quiet aside to an ever expanding body of work from Sydney based Artist and Musician Angela Garrick.

Opening track ‘A Ring’ is the first offering from Shyness and is “a response to non-physical utterances, strange coincidences
, objects as emotional metaphors, and spaces in between events and people” explains Angie. The song leads from a loop of three chords, and returns to it time and time again, like a cyclical thought that is calming but slightly haunting. The piano comes to dominate the conclusion, and was improvised in the studio at the suggestion of my amazing engineer and producer Jonathan Hochman.

Continuing the thematic and instrumental questions brought up by Free Agent (released in 2015), Shyness presents a series of compositions formed in and around a grand piano. The record presents quiet moments, improvisations tied down, and an almost folk sensibility centered by piano, acoustic and electric guitar. Recorded by Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm) the work moves between Satie-esque piano pieces towards Tangerine Dream melodies executed on electrics and through to the more contemporary quiet songform of Cat Power or Nico.

Find Angie:
Rice Is Nice – Angie

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