Amythyst Kiah & Her Chest Of Glass – Soul Step Records – Album Review

Each genre of music seems to have a modern interpretation. New Wave has made something of a comeback in the shape of modern Alternative and Hip-Hop borrows heavily from Dance. But where does that leave Soul? While Pop has been dabbling in R&B for nearly 30 years, there hasn’t been many to fully embrace Soul in a big way. As troubling as that may sound, it’s something I think of often when checking out new artists. However, all uncertainty was relieved the second I dropped the needle on the new album from Amythyst Kiah & Her Chest Of Glass.

Combining elements of Blues, and Alt-Rock, Amythyst Kiah brings to life the soul missing in today’s music scene.

It’s hard to pinpoint the genre where Kiah fits. The album features influence from traditional blues, alternative folk, and even styles as eclectic as African Roots. There’s passion when a song is about heartache and wit when it calls for a stomp and clap. With so many genres to choose from, every single note Kiah sings is as unique as it’s beautiful.

While on the subject, Kiah’s multi-instrumental talents are elevated by her robust vocal ability. While equally as strong as someone like Adele, Kiah never over-sings a single note or pads a song with fills. Instead, she serves the song. She has more than enough to brag about but this album is about the music instead of creating a diva.

I could go on and on about how amazing Amythyst Kiah’s vocals are but I’d run out of words before I could efficiently describe them.

However, I don’t feel right labeling this a vocal album. The minimalist instrumentation is equally as important. Electric piano, ripping blues guitar and even a brass section are showcased on the standout track “Hangover Blues”. Even an atmospheric track like “Death Don’t Have No Mercy In This Land” and the punchy closer “Broke and I Ain’t Got A Dime”, lets the guitar tell have the story.

Amythyst Kiah & Her Chest Of Glass is available on vinyl exclusively through Cincinnati’s finest indie label Soul Step Records in extremely limited quantities. While fantastic in any format, vinyl brings this album to life! Pick up a copy while you can!

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