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Ample Play does an excellent job of giving us the Stars of tomorrow, so anytime they reach out to me with a new band , I’m giving them a good listen. Here is a little press from Ample Play on Yokan System..


“Two of the finest indie talents in Tokyo right now”

Yokan System are a newly formed electronic duo from Tokyo Japan. They are Mai (vocals & synth) and Tsukasa (Track./Gt./Synth.). Think early Human League with touches of Cocteau Twins.

Yokan means premonition in Japanese. They quote Warpaint, Björk and Blonde Redhead as some of their influences.

They work with analogue keyboards, synth drums and stereo spirit. They self-released an EP in Japan, which did well on college radio. Their 1st single with Ample Play Records came out in November ‘A Dream You Never Wake Up From’, got them BBC 6 Music plays & blog attention in the UK.

Just back from East Coast USA dates, they arrive in Europe for the 1st time in February.

Meet The Band….

1) ​Hi our name is….
Yokan System. Yokan means premonition in Japanese.

​2) ​And our sound might be best described as….
Dreaming ​Electro​ Music.​​ ​

3) ​We are….

​to ​consists of Mai Yano(Vo.) who has picked up from people’s voices inside their hearts and Tsukasa Kameya(Track./Synth.)who has convert people’s voices inside their hearts into new sounds.

​4) ​We are originally from…..

Hokkaido that is the north of Japan.

​It is​ deep ​snow city​ in winter.

​5) ​Who are some that have an influence on your sound??

Especially Bjork, ​Cocorosie,​ Blonde​ ​​Redhead​.​

​6) ​The first time we met was…..

at same high school in Hokkaido.

​We were classmates actually.​

​7) ​We knew we were going to be a Band when………

We​ recognized​ ​the almost same feeling ​​about music and art ​​​that we respect​.

​We ​thought to wanna approve (Yes) of the girls who have the spirit of inquiry and​ ​the boys who have highly sensitive acumen.

​8) ​Our craziest gig ever was….

​at private party in Brooklyn​ ​the one of ​our ​touring​ in East coast​ of US​​ in Oct 2014. It was just at someone’s apartment.

It had someone’s LIFE there. I felt this is origin of show

​Anyway,It was ​so exciting for us to share the time with cool local bands & people.

9) ​The first song we wrote was…….

​”Sasurai Tutu Sasayaku​”.​

It means “Wondering & Whispering”​ in Japanese.

​10) ​It’s about……

​composing by GarageBand​ app of Tsukasa’s iPhone.

Actually,Tsukasa was completely absorbed in composing(playing) GarageBand app for a couple hours.After that,the song was completed.He thought to need the voice for it,so he called to Mai that was one of his another band member at the time.

Mai listened to it,after that she really liked his sounds,so she added the melody.

This is birth of Yokan System.

​11)​ When your touring and have some time off, where could we find you..,.,

​We love to walk around and read the books at coffee shop​. Also,if we have time,we like to visit the museum in each cities.

​14) ​The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us

”​This is pleasure,not healing.It’s supreme sounds for you when you’ll feel tired.”​

listen to some excellent music from …Yokan System

and you can keep up/LIKE and follow Yokan System…

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Yokan System, Website

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