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American Goon

Last year Zack Murphy stepped out from behind the drums of The Blackfoot Gypsies and debuted American Goon.  The combination of southern fried garage rock and punk angst made Blood Eagle one of my favorite singles of 2016. With only two songs, Murphy was able to convey what it is I enjoy about indie do-it-yourself music.

Now American Goon is back with an all new digital single, The Work Of The Lord.

The Work Of The Lord features the same garage rock sentimentality of Murphy’s debut, but this time he has swapped out the punk rock fervor for a more traditional blues vibe. The signature distorted bass guitar is now being accompanied by a grizzly slide guitar and female gospel-esque backup vocals. It’s an interesting direction for American Goon but it feels natural and organic. Lyrically, Murphy sings of the day to day grind of the middle class, and nonchalantly questions just who’s work we’re really doing.

I’m not a political analyst and 50thirdand3rd is a music blog. Regardless how you feel about the new management, there’s no denying the overwhelming sense of division America is under. Within a few months most of us have become uncertain of the future of our basic human rights. This is also something Murphy seems to be passionate about.

My favorite thing about this American Goon release, is the fact that 100% of it’s sales are being divided among two very important charities. Half going to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and the other half going to OSDTN (Operation Stand Down: Tennessee). One organization that upholds America’s civil rights, and the other a non-profit organization offering supportive services to Veterans.

I don’t want to get all political on this music blog, but it’s truly inspiring to see an indie artist willing to donate 100% sales of a product to benefit charity. Recording music isn’t cheap despite what some people may lead you to believe. Civil rights and the well being of Veterans, are two things I’m passionate about myself, so this single is a win across the board. It doesn’t matter what political side (if any) you adhere to, we’re all in this together, and for all intents and purposes, I feel American Goon really is doing The Work Of The Lord.

To purchase The Work Of The Lord, please visit AmericanGoon.com or Bandcamp

For more information on Operation Stand Down: Tennessee, please visit OSDTN.org

For more information on American Civil Liberties Union, please visit ACLU.org





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