All The Way From Japan, Meet…..Matsuki Ayumu


Music is our Universal Language, we might not understand Japanese but you can pick up a Beatles influence and that is never a bad thing.. Matsuki Ayumu is with Ample Play Records , so stretch what you would normally listen to and give a listen to a talented artist….

Hi my name is matsukiayumu.

And all my sound are recorded in my room by myself.

Before this I was employed as a worker of manga cafe.

The first song I wrote was 12 years old with 4track tape MTR.

I cant remember well that song,but when I doubled vocal(singing twice)and play back,I fall in love with Recording.

I am currently listening to anime song or game songs rather than band songs.

The top album that I can’t stop listening to is “Revolver”
My craziest gig ever was…. mmmm I dont like live track so much.
For fun I like to Japanese novel games.its very characteristic and metafictional.So my music is always influenced by stories.
The one thing i want you to remember while your listening to me,recording’s possibilities are endless and if possible with headphone and loud sound.

Ample Play


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