My Albums of The Year 2015 … Part 1


In No particular order , these are a few of my most played albums of 2015. I either have all of these on Vinyl or in some other format. Throughout the year these are the albums that I have listened to the most. I’m not talking one or two songs, I’m talking about listening to the whole album , both sides , one listening or more experiences. What I am going to do is put up one song from the album. if you like the tune , one more click and you will be able to follow their links via soundcloud or bandcamp. Maybe I’ll do 20 or so albums, let’s say 10 in 2 parts. BUT it could end up being 25-30. These 10 are not the top ten but they are a part of my top 20. On any given day depending on mood swings, I could change my mind 5 times if I had to put these 20 in order. But what I can tell you is that I think these picks represent what I think are some of the best records of 2015. Thanks for tuning in all year and listening and I hope you have as much fun with my top 20 as I have putting these together…..

Pow Wows
Broken Curses

Maximum Growth and Vigour by The Hipshakes

Play It Cool by Kurt Baker

Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive by The Prefab Messiahs

(V/A) Stupid Punk Boy from Girlsville Records

Starry Eyes by Baby Shakes

Gone By Abjects

Banditos by Banditos

Motobunny By Motobunny

Pacific Surf Line By GospelbeacH


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