50THIRDAND3RD Staff Picks- Album Of The Year: The Pitchafits!!

It’s always hard to pick a favorite album of the last year and half the time it’s hard to even remember what’s been released in the last year. But I knew I wanted to showcase a record from my stomping grounds of Minneapolis.

The Pitchafits are the most recent moniker dawned by thee garage trash duo of Eric and Andy respectively after going by various other names and incarnations the last several years. These guys have self released a real monster LP of garage stompers and punk howlers and even a country balled.

You can hear the influence of 90’s Crypt and Goner records with an even 15 songs of catchy punk rock n roll! If that sounds like your bag then it probably is and if you don’t know, now you know!

So shoot from the hip! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Pitchafits Official Facebook

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Steven Madson

Living in Minneapolis Minnesota, record collector bookworm mostly interested in garage, powerpop, glam, 70's punk, oi!, streetpunk, ska, reggae, rockabilly and thats about it. I also like other normal things like soccer and hockey, reading books, watching Tv, walking around, eating food and hanging out with my amazing girlfriend.

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