Album Of The Week, June 12th, 2016 – “Glow In The Dark By The Death Valley Girls

death valley girlsuse

You can “label” the Death Valley Girls any way you want to , doesn’t much matter to me what you call their take on rock ‘n’ roll. To me The Death Valley Girls are among the best of the best in 2016. They have that unique ability to blend all kinds of sounds into one that they can truly call their own. I think the other thing that stands out for me is that they are a Band, I don’t think this works if you take any one of them out, from the bass to the drums and one of the coolest guitar riffs and band jams in years to the lead vocals and the harmonies it just all comes together for them. So go get your coffee and get ready to listen to one of the coolest albums released in 2016 – “Glow In The Dark ” by The Death Valley Girls


Death Valley Girls:


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