Album of the Week , August 14th, 2016-‘ Breakfast Before Chaos’ by Weird Omen


for the second week in a row , I need to apologize for missing this album when it came out. I think that a lot of times it’s easy to read what’s getting reviewed in the mags that you read and take it from there , but there is so much new music coming out every week , that I would need a team of 50 just to try to keep up with it all and then to narrow it down to what I like to listen to that would take another team of 10, seeing that I don’t have the time or budget to do any of that, occasionally really good albums slip on by and five moths later I find myself writing about not being able to keep pace with all the good stuff that’s coming out. Weird Omen are some crazy ass combination of psych and garage coming out of France which seems to be a hotbed right now for garagerock. If you like psych and if you dig garage rock, guaranteed you’ll love Weird Omen…and the record is out on one of my favorite labels in the world , from my hometown of Pittsburgh Pa..Get Hip Records

from Get Hip Records:
Second album from France’s strangest garage-psych-rock trio–comprised of guitar, sax, and drums. Lost somewhere between The Cramps and The Kinks, Weird Omen spits a unique blend of primitive garage, trash brass, and reverb fuzz all over Europe. (2016)

Weird Omen – Facebook



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