Album Review: Old Man Creaky Bones “Hypochondriac Outlaw”

Welcome to the weird wild world of Danny Echo A.K.A Old Man Creaky Bones. We start in the midst of a spaghetti-style western with the latest release “Hypochondriac Outlaw” From the Wichita, Kansas Native. This release kicks it up a notch and turns you out into some Jangly Pop Masterpieces you might expect on some rare early ’60s 45. While keeping true to the folk Genre the record also kicks in many amazing recording extras. This record is about to take us on a Trip.


“Rattle Snake Noose Tattoo” Kicks it off with a very cool calm Instrumental. With a criminal feel to the music, something is about to definitely go wrong and we are going to find out all about it. This tune pairs well with “Hush”. “Hush” was on earlier recordings but this one gives us some of those recording extras, that Old Man Creaky Bones has become a master at. “Them Angles” keeps that dark feel but turns us out into a Beatles tune from the Revolver era, harmonizing about the dark side of life. “A Candle in a Window a Mile Away” Gives another glimpse at the amazing songwriting skills that Old Man Creaky Bones has come to be known for. The kind of love song to haunt more than a lifetime. Beyond the grave love.

“Shaky Hands” Turns out some slow soft death song. The kind you might hear drifting on in the midnight hour of an am radio. “Box Wine Scarecrow Tin Can Monkey Marching Band” The first single from the album is an amazing Dylan worship tune. The sound on this one is definitely of the “Highway 61” caliber. “So Over Everything But Getting Over Things” turns us back out into something you might hear on a dark 60’s realist art album, with a touch of modern problems. “Clarity Comes With a Headache” this tune gives a kick like a scorpion bite from Dylan. “Your Ephemeral Cardboard Vase” a tune fit to end this haunting record.  I love that this record is not afraid to use various styles to make them part of the madness that is “Hypochondriac Outlaw”.  Listen Here and check this out live some time!

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