Album of the Week: Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds 3

Alex Kish from Wassup Rocker Radio is a spirit animal of 50thirdand3rd. If Alex had been on BlipFM back in the day there’s no doubt he would’ve been part of the group of Blippers who decided to start this blog.

What’s impressive is that Alex constantly finds high-quality tunes that are off the radar to put together consistently rocking playlists with his radio show. The other place we all hung out was the GaragePunk Hideout and since their last comp was released in 2014, Wassup Rocker Radio has filled the gap of putting together the sounds of punk, garage punk, power pop, and rock and roll.

Now, with the third digital comp in the Sick Sounds series, WRR lays down 20 tracks that you can throw on when someone says “no one makes good music anymore”.

50thirdand3rd readers may be familiar with some of these names and as far as style goes, many of these bands fall somewhere in the vicinity of garage rock (Dennis Cometti; New York Junk) power-pop (Radio Days; The Yum Yums; Self-Cut Bangs) pop-punk (Fun Time Objects; The Putz, Rad Max) and a little bit of glam (Sister Suzie, Goldie Dawn). Standouts for me are QWAM with the insanely catchy ‘Mall‘, Dennis Cometti’s throwback rager ‘WAXIT‘ The Lemon Drop Gang with the Rezillos-esque ‘Hit The Wall‘, the nasty grunge of Repeat Offender’s ‘Prime Suspect‘, and the d-beat rush of Full Borer’s ‘Stinkpalm‘.

There’s a lot to enjoy here to take a break from this cold, unforgiving world.


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