Album of the Week: UBIK – ‘Next Phase’

Back in the day, my Mom used to ask me: “why is your music so angry?” My answer was always…”because Mom, the world is a mess and I’m pissed off!” Well 30 years later, the world is still a mess and Melbourne’s UBIK is here to provide a soundtrack for the ‘pissed off’ with their mini-album ‘Next Phase‘.

UBIK was started as a side project of MASSES and RED RED KROVVY, and here they usher the anarcho-punk of Dead Kennedys and Crass into the present. Shouty, catchy, raging, fast and lyrically astute, ‘Next Phase‘ absolutely delivers the goods and it’s not even 15 minutes long.

They refer to themselves as ‘brat-beat’ and if that means ferocious and politically charged then I’m all in. This album kills and reminds me why I was drawn to political-hardcore in the first place.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mikey Young (Eddie Current Suppression Ring; Total Control).

Available from the always on point IRON LUNG.

Vocals: Ash Wyatt
Bass & Vocals: Nellie Pearson
Guitar: Tessa Tribe
Drums: Max Kohane

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