Album of the Week: THICK – ‘5 Years Behind’

If you want to see what the rock-bottom of society looks like outside of the toilet paper aisle, go to the comments section under Thick‘s new video for their song ‘Mansplain‘. How they put up with this shit I have no idea, but the video certainly triggered a reaction and well, they’re not sorry.

But that’s what punk is supposed to be right? Lyrics that are sometimes emotional, political, and challenge the establishment while embracing a DIY ethic. If so, then Thick’s debut record ‘5 Years Behind‘ (Epitaph) has it all covered. Apart from taking on the patriarch, they also cross paths with the use of technology and human connection, all kinds of hypocrisy, and relationships.

Musically Thick can just as easily destroy you with a melodic hook (‘5 Years Behind‘ and ‘Bumming Me Out‘) as they can with a blast of agitated punk (‘Fake News‘ and ‘Mansplain‘). They adeptly mix up styles across the 11 tracks and evoke bands like The Breeders and Cayetana. Comment sections aside, you get the sense that each song acts as a cathartic outlet for the band.

Out now on Epitaph Records.

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