Album of the Week: THE RESONARS – ‘Disappear’

Disappear‘ the new album from The Resonars, is an example of a master at work. Arizona guitarist/vocalist/producer/singer-songwriter Matt Rendon has been releasing sublime, upbeat, and unapologetically retro-60s pop rock for more than two decades now.

Rendon’s territory is the jangly guitar pop rock of the British Invasion, with hints of The Who, Merseybeat, the harmonies of The Hollies and the breeze of the Laurel Canyon sound (there’s even a cover of The Mamas and The Papas’ ‘Even If I Could‘). But Rendon doesn’t simply wear his influences on his sleeve, it’s more like osmosis. He creates melodies and hooks so good they would be the pride of those very influences.

Even though Rendon usually records as a one man band in his home studio, like last years’ ‘No Exit‘ he once again hunkered down at Midtown Island Studio and and brought in members of his live band to sit in on some songs. Drummer Johnnie Rinehart plays on three tracks and bassist Ricky Shimo a song. Brian Bollt and Isaac Reyes (Lenguas Largas) also lend their talents.

The formula is pretty simple for any Resonars album: write great songs that are flawlessly executed with harmonies that are nothing short of superb. The songs may be retro, but the finish is gloriously fresh.


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