Album of the Week: THE LOVESORES – ‘Bats From Planet Skull’

For the past 8 years, there’s never been any bullshit with Portland rockers The Lovesores. They came in like a lion with 2012’s ‘Fast Friends‘ single and they plan to go out like a lion with what looks to be their final album, ‘Bats From Planet Skull‘. Scott Drake (vox) from The Humpers as well as Boz Bennes (drums) and Adam Kattau (guitar) from Fast Takers, Alex Fast (bass) ex-LSD&D and guitar making legend Saul Koll, put together nine loud and proud tracks of straight ahead, dive bar rock and roll.

With nods to everything from 60s garage, four-on-the-floor punk rock, and the loose, ramshackle sound of the Stones, ‘Bats From Planet Skull‘ is perfectly bookended by two ripping rockers in ‘Some For Tomorrow (Some For Tonight)‘ and ‘Creature (At the Top of the Hill)‘. The Lovesores make rock n roll for those who have shit day jobs, live for the weekend, and just want to put their feet up, guzzle a beer or three and make the most of two of the seven days of the week. TGIFMF!


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