Album of the Week: THE CONTROL FREAKS – ‘She’s The Bomb’

THE CONTROL FREAKS recently dropped their brand new LP ‘She’s The Bomb‘ and man it’s practically a manual on how to write and record a garage rock record.

Greg Lowery (Supercharger, The Infections, The Rip-Offs, Zodiac Killers), is high royalty in these circles and ‘She’s The Bomb‘ easily explains why.

Featuring 13 tracks of mindless entertainment (see what I did there?) there’s no point in analyzing this too much, it’s simply a straightforward blitz of ’77/KBD-style punk rock. The production is spot on, distorted and fuzzy amping up the ripping guitar solos from Rob Vastano and hook-filled shout-along choruses. New arrival Sherrilynn Nelson (vocals/guitar/keys) fits in perfectly with rapid-fire drummer Tim E. Delicious.

It’s fast and loud and snotty, so just crank it up.

Out now on Slovenly Recordings.


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