Album of the Week: THE CHRIS ROLLING SQUAD – ‘Cannonball Holocaust’

Very quickly on their sophomore album, ‘Cannonball Holocaust‘ French rockers The Chris Rolling Squad kick in your door, guzzle all the beers, steal your Motörhead records and leave sometime before dawn. Their sound is huge and rocks with a muscular fury that lands somewhere between The Carburetors, Zeke, and Gluecifer, with nods to Lemmy of course.

Guitarist/vocalist Chris Rolling, bassist Brice Duval, and drummer Thib Adlersend employ a wall of high-tempo power-chords and a thundering rhythm section as they blast, slam, and power their way through 14 tracks of blistering hard rock, punk, boogie, and metal.

The album opens with the explosive one-two punch of ‘Wild Time‘ and ‘Hate 2000 Blues‘ followed up by ‘Trapped Inside‘ a metallic thrasher worthy of Kill ‘Em All with a glorious riff and Rolling’s gruff voice channeling Lemmy, Hetfield, and Simmons. ‘Bring Down the Hammer‘ brings to mind the blue-collar punk of Social Distortion while ‘Straight Down to Hell‘, and ‘Faster‘ are ass-kicking hard rockers.

In the middle of the record, the trio delivers a number of loud boogie-soaked rockers with  ‘Crazy Little Boy‘, ‘Staying Home with Mommy‘, ‘You Been Gone‘, ‘Hollywood‘, and ‘Boom’ all more akin to Nashville Pussy than ZZ Top. Two of my top tracks are the growling ‘Revolution All Around‘ with a chorus that reminds me of Bad Religion (although this is not really a political record) and the speedy ear-splitting bombast of ‘Desperate City (I Get the Fuck Out)‘. The album closes with the rapid-fire punk of ‘I Just Can’t Help Myself‘.

The Chris Rolling Squad don’t even try to be polite about anything; they just want to rock, and that’s just what they do on ‘Cannonball Holocaust‘. This is a slugfest of rock and roll that will leave bruises if you play it loud enough, and really why wouldn’t you?


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