Album of the Week: THE CHATS – ‘High Risk Behaviour’

Little did The Chats know that by the time their debut album came out the definition of high-risk behaviour would be getting together with some friends for a few pops. But whatever, here we are and this is exactly the infectious shit we need right now as we are all stuck in isolation.

Not much needs to be said about this trio of Aussie lads. They play a version of punk rock similar to Circle Jerks/Angry Samoans and call it ‘Shed Rock.’ But if you’ve heard ‘Smoko‘ you understand what you’re in for with ‘High Risk Behaviour‘. Sure there are a lot of references to Aussie culture here, but as a Canadian, I can relate to more than the way they spell behaviour. The tales of delinquency and stupidity in everyday life that mostly include drinking, eating, and drinking make them the punk rock version of Letterkenny or Trailer Park Boys.

So throw this on and forget that the world is a mess for 28 minutes.

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The Chats are:
Josh Price
Matt Boggis
Eamon Sandwith



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