Album of the Week: SUBSONICS – “Flesh Colored Paint”

Atlanta’s Subsonics were one of the first bands featured on 50third way back in 2013 and their Velvet adorned basement rock and roll is a must for anyone who digs the VU, Link Wray and the sounds of the 50s and 60s.

Admittedly we’re a little late on posting this one – the bands’ 8th album – “Flesh Colored Paint“, has been out since April but it’s not too late to add this to your best of 2018 playlist.

Subsonics have been around since the early 90s and are legendary around the Atlanta scene. You can buy “Flesh Colored Paint” from Slovenly HERE!

From Slovenly:
Atlanta’s SUBSONICS are a gutter-glam, minimal rock’n’roll trio. This is their 8th album and it’s called “Flesh Colored Paint.” Like all their previous works, this is a distilled hodgepodge of decades of popular culture and classic literature culminating in a collection of short and groovy shambolar: Chuck Berry, Albert Camus, AM radio rock jocks, Bo Diddley, Golden Age TV, surrealism, Mad Magazine, kung-fu flicks, Herman Melville, Little Richard, self-negating philosophy, David Johansen, The Bible, Dee Dee Ramone, Lee Van Cleef, Cornell Woolrich, advertising jingles, Dada, Carole King, Bugs Bunny, and Casablanca; the poem, not the film. This is a gorgeous mess of a record, and it’s cool. REAL COOL, KILLER. We hope you’ll find something within to make you think, or at the very least, dance, if it’s too deep.

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Subsonics are:
Clay Reed – guitar/vocals
Buffi Aguero – drums/vocals
Rob Del Bueno – bass


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