Album of the Week: STIFF RICHARDS – ‘State of Mind’

Alright, let’s get this 2021 party started, (even if this was released in 2020). But be warned if you are inviting Melbourne’s Stiff Richards to the party, there’s a good chance they will absolutely destroy your living room.

Stiff Richards keeps the rock & roll torch burning with ‘State of Mind‘, their 3rd full-length full of supercharged ravers. This band has a lot of tools in their shed and right off the top they blast you with a sucker punch of rock and roll with ‘Point of You‘. The Stooges-meets-Dead Boys swagger is full-on for ‘State of Mind‘, ‘Talk‘, and ‘Going Numb‘ while ‘Mr. Situation‘ has the sneer of compatriots Eddy Current Suppression Ring (oh, the album is produced by Mikey Young of course).

While they’ve got you on the ropes, the one-two of ‘Got It To Go‘ a mid-tempo strut with the spirit of Faces and the frantic “Glass” with its hooks out the wazoo will have you laid out. ‘Kids Out On the Grass‘ and ‘Fill in the Blanks‘ are back-to-the-wall rockers and finish off the album that as a whole sounds like the work of a band getting shit off their chest.

Out on Drunken Sailor Records.


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