Album of the Week: QWAM – S/T LP

Brooklyn’s Queen With A Megaphone (QWAM) seem to be swinging for the fences early on in their existence. But a listen through their catalog gives you an idea of the trajectory this band is on.

The rawness of their 2016 releases, the demo ‘Who Are You‘, and the 3-track s/t EP show promise, while 2018’s ‘Feed Me‘ EP features the ultra-catchy ‘Dirty Feet‘, a song that would’ve been all over the radio in 1995.

QWAM’s debut S/T LP similarily has one foot in post-grunge ’90s punk and a bit of ska-revival, and the other in pure pop sensibility. It all equals a version of riotous punk rock that pokes holes in the drapes letting the sun shine some light on these troubled times. This is a really fun record with enough hooks to satisfy everyone in the family. Hell the first three tracks ‘Everybody Wants To Watch‘, ‘Mall‘ and ‘Prom Queen‘ alone deliver the goods.

But ultimately almost all of the 10 tracks carry a terrific power pop bounce; a bright bubblegum blast with big sing-along choruses and youthful exuberance that makes it a joyous, infectious listen. Just listen to “I’m Around‘ for simple proof of that.  ‘Fade Away‘ has the invigorating energy and ska zip of The Interrupters and only after five songs does the moody Weezer/Pixies-like ‘Home‘ slow things down a bit and let you catch your breath.

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This is a pretty strong debut and introduces Felicia Lobo as a remarkably compelling vocalist with a strong wit and a snarky bent, backed up by super strong pop songcraft and a tight band.

Vocals by Felicia Lobo
Guitar by Matt Keim
Bass by Eddie Kuspiel
Drums by Rachel Zisette


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