Album of the Week: NERVOUS TICK AND THE ZIPPER LIPS – ‘The COVID Collaborations – Vol 1-3’

The Covid Collaborations are a series of releases organized by Buffalo, NY’s Eric “Biff” Bifaro who is behind Nervous Tick and the Zipper Lips. Bifaro plays and programs everything and brings in some friends to have some fun.

The project is an attempt to express creativity in a time when musicians are not able to be touring and playing live. Each volume features Nervous Tick and The Zipper Lips and another recording artist. Both parties record an original song, a cover of a song by the other band, as well as a where they both collaborate and finish with vocals and whatever else is needed.

To go along with the one-man-band eggy garage punk of Nervous Tick is the frenzied noise of Science Man, the no-wave pop of Ricky Hell, and the power punk of OBSOLETISM featuring Robbie Brake of Mononegatives.

There’s a little something here for everyone!

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