Album of the Week: MOTHS AND LOCUSTS – ‘Exoplanets’

British Columbia space rockers Moths and Locusts’ have impeccable timing. Their new album ‘Exoplanets‘ marks the bands’ 10 years in existence and acts as a majestic soundtrack for the world as we stumble our way into a new decade, and witness the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, something that hasn’t happened since 1623.

The sextet of musicians from Ontario and other parts of British Columbia came together in Nanaimo, BC through their shared love of psychedelia, Krautrock, science fiction, vinyl records, and delay pedals and have released three albums, a couple of collaborations (Damo Suzuki; Twink) and a load of singles and EPs.

Exoplanets‘ combines recording sessions from various studios across Canada with help from names like Ian Blurton (Change Of Heart/C’mon/Public Animal) Chad Mason, Scott Henderson, James Paul, and Dietrich Schoenemann. The seven tracks offer a complex, intertwining set of mind-expanding jams, shimmering soundscapes, and layers of noise with nods to names like Pink Floyd, to Black Sabbath, to Gong, to Hawkwind, to King Crimson, to Amon Duul II.

This is music that lives on the edge of the sonic imagination. This is music for transcendence, for meditation, and for wayfaring. After all, we could all use a little distance between ourselves and 2020.

Co-released by NoiseAgonyMayhem Records (North America) and Weird Beard Records (EU).


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