Album of the Week: MORON’S MORONS ‘Looking For Danger’

I was supposed to have a quick interview put together with Warsaw, Poland’s Moron’s Morons but this whole pandemic thing has made my brain a mess so we’ll save that for later. But I did not want to sit on this because you need to hear this record. After a tantalizing EP ‘Indecent Exposure‘ (Slovenly) in 2018, the Morons have pretty much kicked down the wall with their debut album ‘Looking For Danger‘.

It’s simple really, this band has nailed the combo of early proto-punk, American garage rock revivalism, and the fury of Motörhead. From start to finish ‘Looking For Danger‘ is a needle-pushing, unstable, three-headed rat-beast of punk rock hauled out of the gutter. If you’re taking inventory, we’ve got demented razor blade vocals over massive guitars and a thrashing rhythm section, all packaged and delivered in a relentless onslaught of noise that will have you on the brink of an adrenaline overdose.


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