Album of the Week: MELVINS – ‘Working With God’

Well isn’t this a surprise? A new Melvins album! Well, maybe it’s not really a surprise, since in one form or another the Melvins have released 24 albums over their career, along with countless solo efforts, EPs, and splits. They are prolific.
BUT! ‘Working With God‘ is a new album from the Melvins original 1983 lineup with Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, and Mike Dillard.

Working With God‘ is the second release from this 1983 version of the band that was last together on 2013’s ‘Tres Cabrones‘. It is released on Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records and is about what you’d expect from the Melvins; sludgy, grungy riffs, crushing bass, and drums all set afire with a metallic accelerant and some lowbrow humor.

This is a solid release with a couple of misses but who cares? They certainly don’t, that’s for sure. They play for themselves and if some of the joke tracks are funny the first couple of times but get old fast, oh well. All that matters is when the Melvins hit the mark, they simply obliterate it. Riff heavy jams like ‘Negative No No‘ and ‘Caddy Daddy‘ along with the wicked metallic blasts of ‘Bouncing Rick‘ and ‘Boy Mike‘ make ‘Working With God‘ a must for anyone who likes a little fun with their doom.



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