Album of the Week, March 5th, 2015 – “And The War Came ” by Shakey Graves


I was lucky enough to see Shakey Graves preform at a small bar here in Orlando a few years back. He was the opening act and when he started his set, about 30 guys all rushed to the stage area. I was standing in the back just wondering how all these guys knew all the lyrics and how did they all know he was in town. His set was excellent, crazy guitar playin and he had a whole lot of fun with his fans. Cribs mentioned him a few days ago as one of the new ones playin the new sound, so for all the fans out there and for those about to understand what any of that means, give a listen..

Shakey Graves, Facebook
Shakey Graves,Twitter
Buy Your Copy here of “And The War Came”

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