Album of the Week: LADRONES – S/T Debut

The debut by Puerto Rican punks Ladrones (thieves) is a little over 22 minutes long, but when you’re done it will feel like you just went 10 rounds in the ring with Carlos Ortiz.

The San Juan/Atlanta quartet play raucous punk rock fueled by the ferocious delivery of vocalist of Valeria Sánchez. The songs are sung en español but even if you have no idea of what the lyrics are, Ladrones proves that music is the international language. It’s easy to pick up on the fiery energy running through the record on songs like ‘Tropimuerte‘, ‘No Le Tengo Miedo A Perder‘ and ‘Pulsion‘.

That’s not to say that this is an angry record overall. There’s the playful spirit of 1977 on a track like ‘La Pichaera‘ with its undeniably hooky chorus or the perfect garage pop of ‘Sucia Bonita“.

The 11 tracks here have a visceral provocativeness that aims for the gut and the heart regardless of your understanding of the language. Isn’t that what music is all about?



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