Album of the Week: KILLED BY METH #3 from It’s Trash Records

This is the third volume of this killer compilation series from London, Ontario’s It’s Trash Records in a little less than two years, and they just keep getting stronger.

This one boasts a little more diversity in sound than volumes 1 and 2 but throwing together tracks by obscure punk bands can be hit or miss. In the case of KBM, it’s been a whole lot of the former. I’d recommend checking out the first two volumes for gems like Cheetahs, Radiation Risks, Bloody Show, and City Slang.

This edition features 15 tracks from bands around the Rust Belt – some Canadian, some not, and a mix of garage punk, post-punk, no-wave, noise punk, trash rock, and whatever genre description you can think of for punk rock these days.

Things start off strong with two standout tracks. Braddock, Pennsylvania’s S.L.I.P. lead off with a ripper called “Killed By Meth.” Not sure if they laid this down for the comp but it’s a killer track regardless. Sweet Milk from Hamilton, Ontario drop “Nervous” and at the time of writing it is probably my favorite track on the record.

Truth be told KBM3 is pretty damn consistent throughout with some familiar names like Ottawa’s Deathsticks, Toronto’s WLMRT, and the brilliantly named Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes. Add in wicked contributions from Beauticians (from Detroit, not the Chamber orchestral pop band from Vancouver) and Buffalo’s Fatal Figures and you’ve got a solid listen.

You’ll definitely want to do some legwork to track some of these bands down, a few have no online presence, but if you have a pulse I pretty much guarantee you’ll find something to like here.

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