Album Of The Week , June 28th 2015 – “Coming Home” By Leon Bridges


Maybe because I’ve been watching James Brown documentaries and movies on Netflix or maybe I’m just in the mood for some soul. Whatever the reasons , because Morgan told all of us about Leon Bridges a few days ago, I rushed out and picked this up on Vinyl and have played it 5 times through in 4 days. Let’s just say without a doubt this Album will be on my end of year lists: best new artist and best album. This album just flows , like a sweet breath of cool air through the summer breeze. Your head moves, you start to sing along, you marvel at the harmonies the doo- wops, you start to move and all of a sudden you’re lost in the groove. My advice….buy this Album today, run to your car , go to your local record store, buy the vinyl and rush home and turn it up and if you have a loved one close , hold them tight as you sway to the soul …..

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