Album of the Week: Jane Rose and The Deadend Boys – ‘Over It’

Jane Rose has been impossible to ignore since she came on the scene with her band The Deadend Boys over a decade ago. Across three albums, including the latest ‘Over It‘, The Nashville guitarist/vocalist puts her stamp on streetwise razor-edged rockabilly and blues, a throwback to the days when Carl Perkins and Janis Martin were roaming the charts.

From her formidable voice to the swinging rhythms to the reverb-soaked guitar, Jane Rose and The Deadend Boys boast all the right chops. ‘Over It‘ is a great rock and roll record both rooted in the past, particularly traditional rock and roll, as well as the early punk spirit of the Ramones and Cramps. You’ll set fire to the dancefloor with ravers like ‘Long Gone‘, ‘Makes Me Wanna Sin‘, and ‘Fucked Up‘ or be drawn in with the velvet touch of ‘Best of Me‘ and ‘Fool‘.



Jane Rose: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals/Harmonies
Wayne Harper: Drums, Backup Vocals
Steve Schaffner: Lead Guitar
Jeff Moon: Upright & Electric Bass
Chris Casello: Guitar, Backup Vocals
Al Hill: Organ
Robert Gay: Trumpet
Brad Warren: Sax
Holly Stone: Backup Vocals

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