Album of the Week: FLESH PANTHERS – ‘Holy Roller’

Chicago’s Flesh Panthers took a bit of a u-turn back in 2016, moving away from their scuzzy punk beginnings, releasing the outstanding roadside ramble rock and roll of ‘Willows Weep‘.

It’s been a few years but they are back with a new record – ‘Holy Roller‘ on which they continue the trajectory that started with ‘Willows Weep‘.

Allowing a rootsy downhome twang to permeate their garage rock heart has let them find their groove as a band and sees them sliding into a sort of garage punk version of The Sir Douglas Quintet. This is a pretty honest and heartfelt record and I sense that every one of these songs could turn into a 20-minute jam live.

And just like that, with their last two records, Flesh Panthers have metamorphosed from just another snotty garage punk band (albeit a damn good one) into a ragged and glorious rock and roll outfit. Let’s hope that ‘Holy Roller‘ gets them the attention they deserve.

Order the cassette from Dumpster Tapes.


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