Album of the Week, February, 7th, 2016- ‘Nashville Obsolete’ by The Dave Rawlings Machine


In your lifetime, you remember the 1st time you heard that one album that stays with you through time. Maybe it was “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” or “Transformer’ , maybe it was ‘New York’ or ‘Hunky Dory’ maybe it was ‘Blood on the Tracks’ or “London Calling” we all have a list and as the years go by that list doesn’t seem to change too much but every once in a great while you come across an album that just hits a chord deep inside, the kind of music that gives you Goosebumps, makes you say stuff out loud like shit..this is really great stuff. Our album of the week is ‘Nashville Obsolete’ by The Dave Rawlings Machine , and this is the 1st new album I’ve heard since The War on Drugs last album that makes my list of ‘great albums of my lifetime’. The whole album is just mind blowing gorgeous. The vocals and harmonizing between Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch rival Gram and Emmylou ,it is that fantastic. The tip of the hat to all of those that have come before, from Neil Young , to Gram, to The Stones,The Band, Van Morrison, Dylan is subtle and you might have to have a real love for the history of all things Americana and maybe you might have to have read “Look Homeward, Angel” to really get it but that is what I love about this album. It takes you for a ride down that lost highway, spins you through time and makes you look a little inward , oh yeah, one last thing…If you don’t get it, wait a few decades …..

Dave Rawlings Machine.com

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