Album of the Week- February 14th, 2015- “Hot Sauce” by The Madcaps


I’ve worked with Howlin Banana Records since the early days of 50thirdand3rd. This is their latest full release from The Madcaps. Awesome garagepunk for all the kids cool enough to know what good music sounds like…dig on this LP….

official bio..
Unhinged, deranged, completely mad garage savages, The Madcaps, from Rennes, in western France, are pedlars of fast-paced adolescent punk, held together with tight beats and wrapped up in fuzzy guitar. But more than this, they know how to be suave – side-stepping comfortably, these assured groovologists know how to ladle up the smooth mid-tempo, the warm round bass lines having one sole and unique purpose: inducing longitudinal motion in the listeners’ hips.

Above all, thanks to the surplus of starry-eyed girls, and the fact that they find rainy days at the seaside as moving as a Michael Bay film, they’ve also learnt to slip in some minor chords. Their tremolo-rich ballads, filled with vocal harmonies sweet enough to move a German bulldozer to tears, serve as perfect seduction material.

Having overjoyed France and the adjacent regions with their first album in April 2015, they strike back a few months later in January 2016 with a second LP set to unveil a little more of their clear penchant for American garage, and the English beat music of the 60s. To fans of Allah Las, Black Lips, Holy Golightly, King Tuff, The Kinks, Shannon and The Clams or Electric Prunes, you would be sorely wrong to abstain. The Madcaps plan to prove yet again that Rennes is more than ever the bastion of tricolour garage! Vive le rock!

The Madcaps:

HOTSAUCE Tour De FranceWeb

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