Album of the Week: FAZ WALTZ – ‘Rebel Kicks’

On their latest album ‘Rebel Kicks‘ Italian rockers Faz Waltz once again cram into the tardis and point the dial to the golden age of rock and roll. Across 11 tracks the boys expertly cherry-pick from 70s pub-rock, Chinn/Chapman style bubblegum glam, and the power-pop of Cheap Trick delivering another standout platter.

This band is nothing if not consistent, ‘Rebel Kicks‘ is their 7th album and as usual, it’s overloaded with authentic, catchy, riff-driven rock and roll from start to finish all performed with Elton John arena-rock swagger. Faz Waltz aims to keep rock and roll alive and they do it very well but this ain’t no simple throwback, there are hooks for days! Born in the wrong time indeed.

Order from Spaghetty Town Records here.

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