Album of the Week: DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – ‘Under the Spell of Joy’

If anyone out there derives a moment of joy from listening to ‘Under the Spell of Joy‘ the new album from Death Valley Girls, it’s all part of vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Bloomgarden’s plan.

“The world is crazy right now and it feels like we should be doing more than just trying to perpetuate joy,” Bloomgarden says. “I want people to sing to this record, make it their own, and focus on manifesting their dreams as much as they can!”

On the 11 tracks, Death Valley Girls have stretched out their sound farther away from the primitive garage rock of their 2014 debut ‘Street Venom‘ and created their own sound – space-gospel. There were hints of the progression on 2016’s ‘Glow in the Dark‘ and 2018’s ‘Darkness Rains‘ but on this album it all comes together.

Under the Spell of Joy‘ is an alchemy of earworms, shimmering with hypnotic vocals, a ghostly children’s choir, swirling keys, garage-rock guitars, propulsive drumming, droning saxophone, and rumbling bass. Ultimately, the album is a grand success, and it’s impossible not to bliss out while this is playing. So put it on and enjoy your out-of-body experience.

Out now on Suicide Squeeze Records.

Bonnie Bloomgarden – vocals/guitar/keys
Larry Schemel – guitar
Pickle (Nicole Smith) – Bass
Rikki Styx – Drums
Laura ‘The Kid’ Kelsey – organ/vocals

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