Album of the Week: DEAP VALLY – ‘Marriage’

As underground music goes, there’s nothing wrong with a band swinging for the fences. LA garage rock duo Deap Vally has done just that with their third album ‘Marriage‘.

Over 12 tracks guitarist and vocalist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards experiment with a new pop bent and bring in collaborators including KT Tunstall, Peaches, Jennie Vee, and Warpaint’s jennylee. The duo still growls and snarls with catchy ferocity and there is enough primitive crunch displayed on tracks like the opener ‘Perfuction‘ a beast of a track, that plays on an old Schoolhouse Rock ditty, ‘I’m the Master‘ and the glam swagger of ‘Tsunami‘and ‘Magic Medicine‘. ‘Give Me a Sign‘ is a slow burner followed by the bluesy ‘Better Run‘. KT Tunstall and Peaches guest on ‘High Horse‘ an energetic collision of a 70s funk and rock. It’s a vibe!

But with danceable tracks like ‘Billions‘, ‘Phoenix‘, as well as the Missing Persons new wave pop of ‘I Like Crime‘ and the dreamy ‘Look Away‘, the duo shifts a couple of steps into indie-pop territory and it sounds dynamite.

Troy and Edwards are at the top of their game with ‘Marriage‘. Out now on Cooking Vinyl.


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