Album of the Week: DBOY – New Records in Human Power

Comrades, awaken! Set aside your boiled milk and stale bread. It is once again time. Each of us is a spark, with DBoy we are a flame! Today there will be no censorship.

Proletarians of all countries, unite! All power to the Order of Dboy Scouts. Peace to the People. Land to the peasants. Rock and Roll to the masses.

Glory be to DBoy, creators of powerful rock and roll who have unleashed their 2nd manifesto ‘New Records in Human Power‘. Twelve songs representing a glorious collision between the Stooges, the Ramones, and The Spits that will only take 17 minutes out of your workday. Unless you listen to it many times, which is recommended.

The rules are simple: You must Prove Your Love. If you have worked well – you will have good rest.

Secure from Dine Alone Records.

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