Album of the Week: CUIR – ‘Album’

We featured the synth-punk stylings of Cuir, the one-man-band project of Doug, who is the vocalist from French hardcore outfits Coupe Gorge and Sordid Ship back in March, just before the pandemic hit. Well, Doug didn’t let confinement keep him down and the first full-length album is set to be released.

The recipe here is simple: straight-ahead muscular punk rock prominently featuring synths and a hardcore holler that translates into old-school fists-up street-punk. Most of the tracks are fast-paced and aggressive and hooky enough to carry the shout-along choruses.

From Oi inspired bangers like ‘Blouson Noir‘, and ‘Cut Cut‘ to ‘Schlag‘ which marries hooligan punk with Motörhead grit; fans of compatriots The Scaners, UK82, and the Ramones will find a lot to like here.

Co-released by Germany’s Rockstar Records and France’s Offside Records.


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