Album of the Week: CHERRY PICKLES – ‘The Juice That’s Worth The Squeeze’

In 2019 Cherry Pickles regaled us with their fantastically titled debut ‘Cherry Pickles…Will Harden Your Nipples‘  a feast of simplified, stripped-down, Medway-style, lo-fi garage rock.

The Juice That’s Worth The Squeeze‘ is their second release for Sweden’s excellent Punk Slime label and while Cherry Pickles calls Birmingham home, Priscilla on guitar and vox is from Brazil, Mimi on drums is from the UK. Together they generate fuzzy garage stomp pop magic and as they state in the name-checking opener: “Our name is Cherry Pickles and we’re going to melt your brain”.

This is a phenomenal rave-up with the buzz of a cheap guitar, the thump of energetically walloped drums, and an abundance of sugar-coated hooks. It wouldn’t be a Cherry Pickles album without the garage stompers like the lead-off track ‘They Call Us Cherry Pickles‘, and ‘Blackhole‘, the surfy ‘Little Black Book‘ and the groovy ‘Laura‘. It’s the pop numbers that really stand out. ‘My UFO‘ is a definite winner, a mournful and dreamy ethereal Spectoresque pop gem while ‘Out of This World‘ jangles and surfs like La Luz. ‘Things In The Sky‘ channels the Shangri-Las and ‘Good Girl, Bad Seeds‘ will have you be walking around humming or whistling to yourself.

The fact that ‘The Juice That’s Worth The Squeeze’ conjures names like The Gories, The Cramps, and Mr. Airplane Man is a testament to the songwriting and this juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

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