Album of the Week: BOOTLICKER – S/T

I’m actually in a garbage mood today. It’s nothing specific, just tired of all the bullshit, the constant overload of bad news, the pandemic, all of it. As it turns out this new self-titled box of dynamite from Vancouver’s Bootlicker is a fucking great listen on a day like today.

No need for any fancy word salad here; Bootlicker is 100% Riot City Records street gutter d-beat hardcore. The band features members of bands such as Butcher; Headcheese; Chain Whip; and Watchdog so they’re no strangers to a fast and furious pace and on this debut, they scattershot 14 songs across 18 minutes pretty much ripping your face off in the process.

This album is a barely contained carpet bomb of rage and hostility. Perfect for a shitty mood.

Out now on NEON TASTE in NA and STATIC SHOCK in EU.

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