Album of the Week: BLOODSHOT BILL – Come Get Your Love Right Now

Well Hot Diggity Dawg! Our favorite wandering troubadour, the one-and-only Bloodshot Bill has a new record AND a little something to put in his pocket as none other than Mercedes-Benz has used Bill’s song ‘Take Me For A Ride‘ in a commercial.

Come Get Your Love Right Now” is Bill’s seventh solo album, and first with Goner Records, after several with Norton Records.

Bill is a modern-day Stompin’ Tom Connors. He’s been walking the earth with just a guitar and a stomp board telling stories through his music since 1998. He inspires folks, rocks worlds, and lays down some of the most authentic music you’ll hear.

Bill has collaborated with Mark Sultan (BBQ) as The Ding-Dongs and King Khan as Tandoori Knights. He’s also worked with The 5678’s, Jon Spencer, beat poet Charley Plymell, Deke Dickerson, and Shannon Shaw.

He’s a throwback to the wild 50s/60s; part Stompin’ Tom, part Charlie Feathers, part Elvis, part Hasil Adkins, and these 16 tracks of his one-man primitive rock and roll pretty much cements him as a bona-fide legend.

Order from Goner Records.



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