Album of the Week: BLACK DRESSES – ‘Forever In Your Heart’

Just after their acclaimed album ‘Peaceful as Hell‘ was release, in April 2020, the enigmatic noise-pop duo Black Dresses announced in May that they would no longer exist as a band. The duo, Ada Rook and Devi McCallion, cited the on-going harassment from certain ‘fans’ as the reason, mostly stemming from TikTok and Twitter.

So imagine the surprise when Black Dresses released their fifth studio album, ‘Forever in Your Heart‘ on Valentine’s Day, announcing it just 30 minutes prior to its release. It appears Rook and McCallion had the tracks on this album already written, but a recent post states that although they are no longer together, they are still making music.

Lucky for us for sure. On their previous release Black Dresses eluded being confined to a genre, and ‘Forever in Your Heart‘ is no different. They defy classification with an amalgamation of pop, industrial, metal, and electronic scuzz that sounds something like a distant cousin to PJ Harvey and Xiu Xiu.

Check out the solo work of Ada Rook HERE and Devi McCallion HERE.

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