Album of the Week: AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS – ‘Comfort To Me’

Thank God for Amyl and the Sniffers.

As we collectively sigh at world crisis after world crisis along comes our very own Cheer-Up Society with their second LP ‘Comfort To Me‘. This record is so on-point, it’s loose, fun, and even though it is cynical, it still acts as a remedy for all that troubles us.

The production by Dan Luscombe (Courtney Barnett) is loud with a heavy bottom end and the band rips through 13 mean-streets stompers like the studio was on fire (well, 12 really, only the mid-tempo ‘Knifey’ slows things down). It’s all hooks and power, hard-driving and energetic with catchy monster riffs and the belligerent vocals of Amy Taylor.

On the wicked opener ‘Guided By Angels‘ Taylor announces: “I’ve got plenty of energy. It’s my currency, I spend, protect my energy, currency“. Truer words have never been shouted and Taylor is so charismatic and iconic, she brings a star quality like Wendy O. Williams, or Stiv Bators to the rousing festivities. Don’t get me wrong, guitarist Dec Martens wields a mighty ax and the rhythm section of drummer Bryce Wilson and bassist Gus Romer packs a punch, but it is Taylor’s energy that drives this album.

We’re almost through 2021 and at this point who doesn’t need a blow-out of gung-ho punk rock, (with the emphasis on rock) that makes you feel alive for just over 30 minutes?


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